Reptile Dysfunction

A new record label and event series from the wonderfully wonky mind of Doorly: Internationally acclaimed Selector and producer, Good Times Curator and now label boss.

The label will serve as an outlet for some of his weirder and more leftfield productions, records that don’t necessarily fit on the labels he has, and will continue to Collaborate with over the course of his career, but that nevertheless absolutely deserve to have their moment on the dance floor. Reptile Dysfunction will also, very importantly, be a platform for Doorly to champion the wealth of incredibly talented yet underexposed artists he is inspired by on his regular travels around the Globe. Forming a new in House Collective with its own totally Unique Sound and Vibe.

In addition to the label, Reptile Dysfunction will also be taking over from the Hugely Successful “Doorly & Friends” events, pushing the new brand as a globally active series of bespoke, one-off party experiences and Residencies at some of the world’s greatest clubs, imaginative venues and neon jungles, at which all things trippy, weird and immersive and will be celebrated: a place where everyone is welcome to express themselves and feel like and equally important part of the RD family.

The label will also be releasing a quarterly vinyl-only disco edits series called ‘Think Sideways’, further expanding the remit of RD’s creative output.

Come join the Dysfunction.

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